Jon is a Postdoctoral Associate in the Hirschey lab at the Duke Molecular Physiology Institute at Duke University Medical Center.

Dr. Haldeman joined the Hirschey lab in early 2019 He earned dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry and Biology from Millersville University and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Pharmacology at Duke University under the supervision of Dr. Christopher Newgard. His graduate work focused on the development and implementation of modular cloning platforms that enable the rapid creation of customized experimental vectors for delivery of transgenes, RNAi, or CRISPR-based tools. He utilized these platforms to investigate enhancer-mediated regulation of the homeobox transcription factor PDX1, identify PDX1-regulated pathways responsible for promoting pancreatic islet β-cell proliferation, and in several collaborative endeavors ranging from in vivo animal physiology to embryonic stem cell biology. Under the direction of Dr. Hirschey, he will focus on developing and implementing CRISPR screening technologies.